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How the Cyber Spooks can help your kids stay safe online | My Wordpress

The advancement in technology and Cyber Security means kids are using Ipads, computers and smartphones like never before! Accessing so many apps and using shared passwords for the family etc.

We know this, but how do we get the message of Security across to our children?

The Cyber Spooks can help!

A Children’s book that takes the young readers on an exciting adventure fighting Cyber Crime. Along the way they will learn so many Online Safety tips, such as the importance of passwords. This Superhero style book is a the brainchild of Anthony Sweeney a writer and former head of Cyber Security.

The series of books are ideal for ages 9 years and upwards . The first book covers a hack on the central banks in London while the hero’s son Carlo is caught up in the action when joining his dad in work or a day. 

There is a free kids Online Safety Guide on the Cyber Spooks website – Click here to download